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Special student laser rates: Laser etching, laser engraving & laser cutting

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Student laser time special offer: $ 1.75 per minute laser time

laser cut out model of star wars at-at and glued
  • We offer a special rate for CO2 laser cutting, etching and engraving of $ 1.75 per minute.
  • A minimum charge of $25.00 per job applies.
  • Material to be supplied by customer or can be purchased from The Engraving Crew (if in stock).
  • The price is subject to your files being laser ready.
  • Any time spent modifying / getting your files laser ready, will be charged at our normal artwork fees (no student discounts apply).
  • The student rate applies to all scholars, students, uni students, tafe students, lecturers and teachers.
  • This offer also extends to members of Fab Lab Adelaide. Proof of student status may be requested by members of staff. Fab Lab members may also require proof of membership.
  • Only project work will be eligible for this offer. Non-commercial work only. One offs only, any volume or multiple runs will be charged at our normal laser rates. Please contact us for a quote, as our standard rates are not available on the website.
  • All prices quoted include GST.

Services included • laser cutting • laser etching • laser engraving • supply laser freindly materials

Architectural model for a student project laser cut paper and cardboard
  • We have a CO2 laser engraver / cutter with a bed size of: 810 x 450mm.
  • We are able to laser cut and engrave acrylic, board, paper, wood ply, wood veneer, mdf board, leather, imitation leather, denim, high density foam and similar materials. We engrave stone, marble and glass.
  • Students can bring their own material, however, we cannot cut your material down to size to fit our laser bed size. Your material must be pre-cut no larger than 800 x 400mm before you come through to our facilities.
  • Sufficient material must be supplied to complete the job.

Common materials we have in stock for laser cutting and laser engraving

  • Send us the artwork files • we laser cut the job • you collect the finished order
  • Double sided tape, standard and extra strong grades are available.
  • Stock availability is not guaranteed, therefore call first to confirm we have the material you require.

Guidelines for common materials we have in stock used for laser engraving and laser cut.
Engraving and cutting materials commonly kept in stock Laser cut Laser engrave / etch
3mm clear perspex. We may have other colours and thicknesses in stock. yes yes
3mm & 6mm MDF board yes yes
Up to 3mm thick Ply wood yes yes
Up to 6mm Balsa wood yes yes
2mm thick Basswood (light weight and strong, similar to ply) yes yes
0.5mm, 0.75mm & 1.5mm thick laser laminate (various colours) yes yes
1.5mm thick reverse laser laminate yes yes
5mm thick Styrofoam, blue (ideal for model building or protective foam for electronics) yes possible
1mm thick high density polystyrene (idea for casting moulds) yes yes
Laser stencil material (durable stencils for spray painting applications) yes no
Up to 10mm thick Styrofoam (white) yes no
Up to 2mm thick laserable paper board, white and other colours yes yes
Unbleached cow hide (leather) yes yes
Laser durablack, durable black finish aluminum, engrave a white colour. guillotine cut only yes
Black anodised aluminum guillotine cut only yes
We are able to laser cut and laser engrave other materials that are not listed above. Please contact us for more details.


How to get laser cutting & engraving work done

laser cut perspexc in various colours and shapes
  • By appointment: By appointment to visit our Glynde office.
  • Walk-in customers: We do not offer a while-you-wait service. If we have the time and the machines are free, we may be able to assist you.
  • Sending electronic files: Send us your files via e-mail and detail the work you require and we will run it. You will only need to collect your completed order.
  • File size no larger than 5MB. Standard zip files acceptable.
  • Courier services: We have a courier service available for both local and national deliveries, please contact us for more information and rates.

Additional laser engraving, laser etching, laser cutting and engraving services

Laser etching high contrast image

File formats and other tips. The basics.

sample of laser cut clear perspex with laser etching
  • Our primary design package is CorelDraw X7 (Windows) or earlier.
  • Page size no larger than 800mm (wide) x 400mm (high).
  • Design files to be 1:1 scale. Design must be in metric format (mm).
  • CAD users and 3D software users must save drawing in a flat 2D drawing.
  • We are able to read DWG files - version AutoCAD 2008 or earlier.
  • Adobe Illustrator files should be saved as AI files version CS4 or earlier.
  • EPS ( Encapsulated PostScript), save as a postscript level 2.
  • PDF file formats are acceptable, however, not ideal as the integrity of your design is not always maintained.
  • All text to be converted to curves.
  • Reduce wasted space by grouping images close together thus reducing material wastage.
  • Please be mindful of any running grain or pattern in the material and mark it clearly (only if this is important to the final finish of your job).
  • Use file names that describe your job or make it easy to identify. "Job 1" is not ideal. "Laser cut paper" is better description.
  • Write instruction on the page what is to be done - e.g. laser cut paper and engrave image.

Line thickness and line colours.

Laser cut sample file
  • Vector cut lines must be in RED.
    RED: RGB value (R: 255, G:0, B:0).Line thickness: 0.01mm

  • Vector engraving lines must be BLUE.
    BLUE: (RGB value (R: 0, G:0, B:255)) or
    GREEN: RGB value (R: 0, G:255, B:0)). Line thickness : 0.01mm

  • Raster engraved image: Black fill pattern, no outline.
  • Remove any duplicate lines, as it will do the same operation twice or more and thus your job will be incorrectly run.

What is the difference between raster engraving, vector engraving & vector cutting ?

  • Raster engraving will engrave an image as a solid object (like a bitmap).
  • This is the most common form of laser engraving.
  • Laser marking is the process of lasering when the material surface is modified, creating a readable, permanent mark without engraving material away.
  • Common uses are marking aluminum and certain plastics.
  • Photo laser etching is the process of laser etching photo quality images.
  • The images may need to be tweaked for optimum results.
  • Vector engraving is s single line that is used to show detail on your project.
  • Vector engraving does not cut through the material.
  • Vector cutting is a single line used to cut through material.
  • It is ideal to cut simple and complex shapes quickly and efficiently.

Sample of raster laser engraving Laser etching aluminium platelaser photo etching sample of fine detail that is possible Sample of laser vector engraving Sample of laser vector cut

Office hours

The Engraving Crew, Adelaide, Front office
  • See our normal office hours.
  • For running jobs after hours or weekends, please call us to make an appointment.

Payment methods and deposits

laser cut 3mm mdf board in shape of angel and x-mas tree
  • We accept cash or credit cards. We also have a business PayPal account.
  • All work done must be paid for prior to collection.
  • Goods or orders will be released once full payment is received and reflected in our accounts.
  • A deposit may be requested prior to starting any work. This is at the discretion of The Engraving Crew.

Digital safety first.

  • Any files detected with suspicious software and or potential viruses will be deleted immediately.

Just a few more things to bear in mind

laser cut creation using paper and ribbon
  • Only laser friendly material will be processed.
  • We do have other engraving machines that will safely engrave and cut your material.
  • The Engraving Crew reserves the right not run any material, for whatever reason.
  • Please allow enough material to run laser parameter tests, if required.
  • Only The Engraving Crew operators will be allowed to run jobs. Only staff members are permitted into our production areas at any time.

I am not sure what to do. I need some advice on laser cutting and laser engraving.

  • Please contact us for assistance, should you need some guidance in supplying artwork ready files or to discuss your job.