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Laser engraving, machine engraving and laser cutting of wood, balsa, mdf and plys.

Laser engraving glass and crystal items

Laser marking of wood and timber.

Laser engraved wooden plaque to add to wooden gift
  • Flat, curved or round surfaces.
  • Precise, high definition marking of wood and timber.
  • We also engrave and laser cut MDF, ply, Basswood and woods and timber stocks.
  • Large CO2 laser bed capable of doing large items.
  • We do custom, one off jobs and high run production work.
  • Laser photo etching in wood creates the perfect gift or award.
  • Image on right: BassPly wood laser cut and engraved dark contrast.

Laser engraving of wood - no limits, only possibilities

Laser engraved poen in a crystal block
  • Find a unique gift in wood or bamboo ?
  • We can laser engrave each item with a special message or text.
  • Gift boxes, photo frames,
  • Laser cutting wood patterns and puzzles.
  • Great wedding gifts and wedding invitations.
  • Laser cutting inlays such as mother of pearl for decorative applications.
  • See our laser engraved skateboard decks.

Laser engraved hand made wooden pen and wooden pen box

Champagne flute engraved with birde and groom's names
  • Wooden pen is hand made using Australian woods.
  • Each pen is unique and no two pens are the same.
  • Good quality fittings are used to finish off the pen.
  • Single pen wooden presentation box makes the ideal gift box.
  • engrave a name, a message or logo on the pen box.

Wooden signs.

Crystal candle holder engraved.
  • Looking for a different gift to gift ?
  • The image on the right is a crystal candle holder. This was a wedding anniversary gift.
  • Engraved Christmas decorations.
  • Christening gifts.
  • Birthdays.
  • Image on the right: Engraved wooden sign.

Laser cutting thin woods, MDF and Ply woods.

3D crystal image from a 2D photo
  • Laser MDF board to any shape, even a complex shape.
  • Ideal for models, model making and fine detail work.
  • Great way to create school projects.
  • Image on the right: Bottom layer: Laser cut letters painted black.
  • Top layer: laser cut and painted white.