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Leather and leather type of materials Laser engraved, laser etched and laser cut.

Laser engraving and laser cutting leather

Laser engraving of leather items and leather like materials

  • Laser engrave leather items that are flat, curved or round surfaces.
  • An uneven leather surface and rough leather surface are both engraveable.
  • Clear, well defined letters, text and logos engraved onto leather.
  • Laser cutting of simple or complex shapes in leather and leather like materials.
  • Leather, koskin, hide, skins, faux leather, Synthetic leather, Artificial leather, PU leather can be laser engraved and laser cut.
  • We welcome your enquiries. One off jobs welcome.
  • Image on right: black leather wallet laser engraved with a message.
Black leather wallet laser engraved with custom name

Laser engraving book covers, leather belts, guitar straps, wrist bands, dog tags ...

  • Laser engraving of photo album covers, book covers and leather binders.
  • Laser engraving of leather belts and guitar straps and other times.
  • engrave leather briefcases and other larger items.
  • We can engrave either thin leather or thicker leather pieces.
  • Engrave an item or let us create something special.
  • Image on right: brown leather guitar strap with engraving of text and an image.
Leather guitar strap laser engraved with text and an image

Laser engraved mobile phone and smart phone cases

  • Leather and leather like materials used for mobile and smart device covers are engraveable.
  • Laser engrave your company logo, a special message or a name.
  • Image on right: smart phone cover laser engraved.
Moblie phone cover laser ethced with company logo

Lasering your name on your leather sports equipment

  • Laser mark your sports equipment with your name or team name.
  • Laser marking does not rub off like a marker pen would.
  • Curved of flat surfaces can be marked.
  • Is to identify your sports equipment and other assets.
  • Image on the right: Boccia Ball set laser engraved with a personal name.
Leather game ball laser engraved with player's name on it

Photo laser etching fine detail on leather products

  • Photo laser etching on leather book covers, album covers and special gifts.
  • Ideal for anniversaries and other life moments.
  • You supply the photo and we do the rest.
  • We are able to laser photo Etch on other materials too.
  • We can make up custom frames and presentation pieces.
  • call us to discuss your unique laser photo etched gift.
  • Image on right: light brown leather with laser etched photo in an acrylic frame.
Laer engraved brown leather with photo image