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Laser cut 3mm MDF board for a school project

laser cutting of 3mm mdf board to make a house

School project | Laser cut 3mm MDF board and students assemble house

    Laser cut plans for the house
  • The project: Introduce Year 4 students to laser engraving and laser cutting.
  • With a presentation to the class, each student gets a flat pack as part of the presentation.
  • A simple 3D video visually shows how the parts fit together.
  • The walls are numbered to help with assembly.
  • The house was made up of 6 pieces, two pieces for the name plate and a base.
  • Students then finish off the model as part of a school project, adding items in and painting the model.
  • The little T-piece post is used by the student to put their name on.

Watch the 3D animation of the laser cut house been built

    Play 3d clip of house been built
  • View how to easily the house is to build.
  • Click the image on the right to play the video.
  • Check that your browser and Internet security settings allow you to play this clip.
  • The file is 32MB AVI file.
  • The file was designed by Brychan at The Engraving Crew.

Want to laser cut your next project ?

    Laser cut project flat packed
  • Want to laser cut your next project ? Talk to us: Full Contact Details.
  • Supply us with your diagrams or we can assist you with designs.
  • We can laser cut and supply laser friendly materials to do the job.
  • From one item to as many as you need - we will laser cut your project.
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