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Machine engraving and diamond scratch engraving

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machine engraving of brass and other metals

Machine engraving for cutting and engraving

brass engraved and coloured filled blackRotary engraved brassengraved al cutout
  • Engrave brass plaques, signs and plates
  • Cut-out and engraving of aluminium plates and parts
  • Machine plates, machine front panels, instrument panels
  • Optional engrave and colour fill
  • Engraving done in-house on our engravers
  • In-house design team

Scratch engraving

Aluminum piece cut and scratch engraved
  • Diamond scratch engraving on metal surfaces
  • Scratch diamond engraving on anodised aluminium surfaces
  • Ideal for re-furbished machines and plates
  • Can engrave text, logos and images

Stainless steel, tool steel and other hard

Tool steel engraved
  • Engraving small text into stainless steel and tool steel.
  • For better results, less wastage, quicker times and cost savings, laser engraving or laser etching may be a better option.