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Curved and round surfaces| wrap around engraving

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Engraving curved surface, cylinders either partial or full wrap.

    rotary laser etching around circumference of stainless steel shaft
  • We are able to rotate and engrave an object 360°.
  • From a small object to large objects, our rotaries can accommodate a wide range of objects and sizes.
  • Rotating a curved object when engraving assures an even and defined marking.
  • Uneven, odd and textured surfaces are also engraveable.
  • Aluminum and metal parts.
  • One off custom or volume work.
  • Metal engraving of: Dials, scales, pipes, graduated Knobs, buttons.
  • Metal gifts: Flasks, wine coolers, mugs.
  • Glass and crystal: glasses, vases, flasks.
  • Wood: Pens, tumblers.