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A quick A to Z guide. Personal engraving. Corporate engraving. Industrial engraving.

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  • Acrylic – cutting & engraving
  • Alpha-numeric codes
  • Architectural modelling
  • Awards
  • Bar Codes – linear & 2D
  • Bonbonniere
  • Bottles
  • Brass Plaques
  • Bread Boards
  • Calculators
  • Catering items
  • Cuff Links
  • Cut outs:  acrylic, cards, leather, MDF
  • Data plates
  • Denim Jeans
  • Delrin (for seals)
  • Dials
  • Dog Tags
  • Donor boards
  • Electrical plates
  • Engraved Masters (Moulding)
  • Flasks
  • Frame Plaques
  • Fruit
  • Gauges
  • Gifts
  • Glass & crystal
  • Hip Flask
  • Hospitality glassware
  • House signs & numberings
  • iPad, iPod & iPhone
  • Industrial plates
  • Instruments
  • Instrument panels
  • Invitations
  • Jewellery
  • Keyring
  • Kitchenware
  • Knives
  • Leather
  • Laser laminates
  • Life moments
  • Logos
  • Machine Plates
  • MDF boards
  • Medical instruments
  • Memorial plaques
  • Mimic Panels
  • Mirrors
  • Name Badges
  • Name Plates
  • O Rings
  • Ostrich Eggs
  • Paper cut-outs
  • Paving bricks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Photos engraved
  • Plaques
  • Polished Stone
  • Powder coated surfaces
  • Prototyping
  • Q R codes
  • Religious
  • Rings
  • Rubber stamps
  • Rulers
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Scripts
  • Scrap booking
  • Sequential numbering
  • Signage
  • Skateboard decks
  • Special occasion items
  • Stainless Steel black Metal etching
  • Stencils
  • Silverware
  • 3D Crystals
  • Tech gadgets
  • Titanium
  • Tools
  • Traceability solutions
  • Trophy plates
  • Umbrellas
  • USB’s
  • UV stable signs & plaques
  • Vegetables
  • Vinyl cut-outs
  • Weatherable plaques
  • Weddings
  • Wine bottles
  • Wood
  • X box controllers
  • X factor (we will mark it)
  • Xmas decorations
  • Yearly award updating
  • Yellow warning signs
  • Yo-yo’s
  • Zen gardens
  • Zippo Lighters

Do you want your Apple or your apple laser engraved ?

Apple laser engraved and an apple ipod laser engraved

  • Yes, both apples were laser engraved by us.
  • Another example of our versatility to engrave just about anything.
  • Our engraving does not effect the Apple in anyway.
  • The apple engraved is not effected either and you can eat it, if you wish.
  • Continuously challenged with new ideas, materials and applications.
  • Our versatility is one of the key values in dealing with us.

Metal and other hard surfaces: Laser engraving, laser etching and black metal etching

Black metal etching with laser and tool bit engraved with number

  • Bare or coated metals, directly marked to produce high contrast images that are ideal for a wide range of tolerance critical applications.
  • Anodised aluminium, (irrespective of colour) can be directly marked. Further, depending on the method used, the finishes range from a smooth non-contact laser engraving process to a scratch or deep engraved finish..
  • We can also offer black metal etching onto stainless steel and brass.
  • Examples of metals we can engrave include: Anodised aluminium, natural aluminium, brass, copper, silver, pewter, carbide, coated metals, cobalt, iron, nickel plated, chrome, stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, tungsten, surgical steel.

Organic and non-metallic objects

leather wood and glass engraving

  • Plastics and similar type of materials
  • Acrylic, perspex, engraving laminate, laminated materials, Mylar, film, Delrin, nylon, , silicone, rubber and more.
  • Ceramic and glass
  • Ceramic, glass, crystals, Mother of pear, shell - to name a few.
  • Wood
  • Plywood, Balsa, hard woods, soft woods, pressed board, bamboo and veneers.
  • Organic
  • Apples, oranges, bananas, mushrooms and other fruit and vegetables.
  • Fabrics and other media
  • Fabric, denim, leather, suede, satin, silk, vinyl, twill, nylon, Kevlar, polyester, paper, tissue, cardboard, specialised paper and pressings ...
  • Bricks, granite and other stone
  • Paving, clay bricks, stone, marble, granite, slate tiles and others

Marking and identification : Industrial use

QR codes and plastic parts

  • 2D and data matrix bar codes, serialisation.
  • Custom data from spreadsheets and databases.
  • Logos or custom graphics can be included.
  • Marking of instruments, tools, parts and other value items.
  • Laser is the ideal non-contact method of engraving and marking of products.
  • Military applications.
  • Identification plates.
  • Tamper proof labels.
  • Industrial applications and traceability.

Marking and identification : Personal use

Engraved calculator and medical instrument

  • Engrave from ONE upwards.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Laser engrave your name neatly onto any surface.
  • Ideal for calculators, pens, rulers, iPod, iPads, phones and other devices.
  • Laser technology used for marking medical instruments.
  • Tamper proof labels and other labels.
  • We will engrave from one item upwards.
  • Bulk discounts available.

Laser cutting

Laser cut wood and laser cut paper

  • For precision laser cutting across a wide variety of materials producing an accurate, clean edge, call us for your next laser cutting job.
  • We can laser cut wood (subject to density and thickness), balsa and plywoods, acrylic, perspex, paper, card stock, stencils, fabric, leather, certain plastics, gaskets and more.

Stencils for all purposes. Making your coffee look better.

Coffee stencil

  • Creating a personalised laser cut coffee stencil.
  • Just sprinkle the powder over the stencil - it is that easy.
  • Choice form standard designs or create your own.
  • Stencils can be Make any size and used for spray painting and painting projects too.
  • Stencils laser cut from durable plastic, aluminium or stainless steel.

Jewellery laser engraving and laser etching

Jewllery engraving

  • Engrave on the back of watches.
  • Bracelets, keyring, dog tags, ID tags and other items.
  • Stone and marble products.
  • Engrave on gold, silver, titanium, wood, leather, aluminium, coated metals ....
  • Selection of fonts available for engraving.
  • Graphics and detail work.

What can be marked, branded, engraved or cut

lion in stainless steel etching and laser engraved bricks

  • We can engrave a wide range of materials: from soft to hard.
  • Outlines shapes: simple shapes, a specific design, architectural models, parts for RC planes.
  • A wide selection of fonts. You can supply your own font.
  • Photographs, images, silhouettes.
  • Logos, graphics and certificates.
  • Results will depend on the substrate that is been used.
  • In-house artwork department who can assist in optimising artwork.

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