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Laser engraved brick & signature bricks| Clay bricks laser engraved for all occasions

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Laser etched bricks

Engraved clay brick. Orders from ONE upwards

clay brick laser engraved and closeClay laser engraved bricklaser engraved clay brick close up
  • Permanent, high contrast readable mark on clay bricks. Red clay bricks work the best.
  • Text, logo, signature, crest, graphic or a combination of elements
  • Each brick can be customised with your individual data, ideal for a donor brick project
  • Using multiple bricks, a large image or logo can be produced
  • No added colours, chemicals or other processes
  • In-house design team

Interesting ideas for laser engraved clay bricks & signature engraved bricks

close up of clay laser engraved brick with simple text Laser etched brick with logoLaser engraved clay brick, light red
  • Fund raisers
  • Signature bricks, laser engraved. Graphics, text, signatures and logos engraved.
  • Opening of buildings, a new home or function room
  • Schools, universities, shopping centres and stores
  • Pavements, driveways, paths
  • Directional signs, street markers, path markers
  • Memorials and head stones
  • Pet memorials and head stones
  • Commemorative bricks, donor bricks and recognition bricks
  • For your home, house number, street address or an image
  • We can supply the bricks or we can use your own bricks
  • View our website for other creative engraving solutions

Laser engraved bricks| The eco friendly edge

The mark is permanent, however, due to many factors such as environment (UV, extreme temperatures, rain, snow ...),clay brick production process, wear of the brick due to foot traffic and other factors, life of the brick, cleaning process and other factors, The Engraving Crew can not give a life span on the engraving.
The laser marking process melts the silicon within the clay brick producing a glass layer. The process works well on clay bricks. We do not recommend concrete bricks for laser processing.

For other stone products such as marble, granite and stone, please contact us for further information.