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Engraving in Hebrew and English. Custom engraving of items.

Australia based engraving company offering Hebrew engraving. Based in Adelaide with a delivery service across Australia wide.
Examples of Hebrew engraving illustrated below. These items are examples of specialties we can offer to clients who are looking for a more personalised message for special life moments, celebrations and festivals.     

Engraving of custom engraving, laser cutting and laser etching on a wide cross section of materials such as: wood, paper, glass, metal, aluminum, coated metals, leather ...

Gift for Bar Mitzvahs, Bat mitzvahs, Births, engagements, Jewish Weddings, Anniversaries, High Holidays, Religious ceremonies and functions. Engraving of glasses, jewelery, cutlery, candle stick holders, wedding gifts, wedding invitations and invitations in general, bread boards, custom gifts and items. Supply your own items to be engraved or we can supply you with the items.

We also supply UV stable, durable outdoor photo porcelain ceramic portraits.

Engraving of Hebrew text. Hamotzi, Jewish blessing over bread.

Sample below shows a wooden bread board engraved with a religious Jewish symbol and the Jewish blessing for bread, Hamotzi. The bread board has the prayer engraved in Hebrew with the English transliteration below. This can be left out and additional text or images added or removed to your specific requirements.

Hebrew engraving

Custom engraving of a Jewish themed gift

A special gift was created with sheet music for the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, The Hope. We are able to create a customised gift with Hebrew and English text. The item can be personalised.

with the use of laser engraving and machine engraving, we are able to work across a wide cross section of materials.

Jewish gift custom engraved

Greeting Cards. Standard cards and personalised cards.

The New Year greeting cards can be bough directly from the Beit Shalom Synagogue. Website:

For custom made cards for special occasions such as weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah and other life moments, please contact us directly.

new Year card

The engraving Crew giving back to the Jewish community

We (the owners of The engraving Crew) are members of Beit Shalom in Adelaide and we work with the management committee on various projects, including Hebrew engraving, custom themed celebratory gifts focusing on Jewish gifts and Jewish traditions, personalised greeting cards and other representative memorabilia. A portion of revenue generated is given back to the Community. 

We welcome ideas, suggestions and enquiries for similar niche requirements from discerning clients and invite you to contact us.

Beit Shalom website: