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3D Crystals | Sub-surface engraving images in 3D crystals. Competitive prices.

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3D crstals made to order.

From small to large crystals. Custom, one off crystals to large volumes. We can supply your next crystal order to you.

Chip laser in 3D
  • Our customer required a highly effective marketing tool to demonstrate, graphically, their product.
  • 3D crystals are very effective way of making first impressions count.
  • The sub-surface crystal engraved image is made up of 2D shapes that are precisely placed to create a stunning piece of work focusing on the Chip Laser technology.
  • The recipients of the 3D crystals were so impressed with the gift. Instant brand awareness.
  • Our customer was delighted with the results.
  • Want to WOW your customers ?
  • Contact us, we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

3D Crystals | using your designs and images to create the perfect gift

3D subsurace engraving  horse
  • Capture 2D or 3D image into a crystal block
  • Logos, emblems, photos, text, figures and objects can all be captured in the 3D crystal image.
  • Large selection of shapes to choice from: a square, rectangle, sphere, star, award base, key ring etc.
  • Add a base - stone, marble, wood, metal or acrylic, transforming the 3D crystal into a unique award, gift or centre piece.
  • From simple text to complex objects, 3D crystals are the answer.
  • Our 3D designers can even re-create your product from a series of photos or sketches.
  • Working with most of the common file Windows formats.
  • Our prices are competitive and realistic.

3D photos from standard 2D photos in 3D crystal blocks

3D subsurace engraving  horse
  • Take you favourite 2D image, send it to us and we will convert it into a 3d image.
  • We can touch photos and remove unwanted backgrounds.
  • This 3D image will be laser engraved into a 3D optical crystal.
  • This makes a great gift to give or receive.
  • Wedding, special occasions, memorials, life moments or anniversaries.

3D crystal | the possibilities are endless

Subsuface 3D engraved image of sports car
  • Corporate gifts and Promotional events
  • Product launches
  • Invitations
  • Employee incentives, gifts and awards
  • Sports and club events
  • Schools, clubs and associations
  • Fund raising events
  • Weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions
  • Making you next event memorable
  • View the 3D crystal gallery for more images